Never boring around here

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Yesterday afternoon I was piddling on the side of the
house and went to the garage to get a pruner when I spied
a policeman in the alley looking through the neighbor’s
bushes. When he noticed me he said “good afternoon sir”.

So I wished him a good afternoon and retrieved my pruner
from the garage. After locking the garage door I turned
around and almost bumped into another policeman coming
around the side of our garage and he said “good afternoon
sir”! Back in the day it was more put your hands on the
wall and spread em.

Then I find out that here on east coast of Iowa we have a
weed that is attacking people. Well not attacking really,
but causing burns and blisters bad enough that some who
came into contact with the weed had to go to the doctor.

The guilty plant is the wild parsnip which looks similar
to the wild mustard plant and the reason it’s so nasty this
year has something to do with rain.

If you see said criminal plant and don’t want to end up
with burns, blisters, and possibly scars caused by the oil
in the plant, leave it alone. If you must remove it please
remember to gear up with gloves, long sleeves, and big boy
pants. If you wear you big boy pants at half-mast you may
get burns in areas that make it hard to sit down. You can
learn a little more about this here.

Used to be poison ivy and poison oak were peoples big
worry around here and for some odd reason I don’t seem to
be bothered by poison ivy. So if you live around here be
thankful only one plant has decided to attack, and if you
live elsewhere enjoy the day.
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