The old photograph


When we had lunch with my cousin this past weekend she
gave me some old photographs that she had. After the meal
we drove her over to another cousins house so she could
visit them and when we got home I ran the pictures through
our copier and made digital copies.

The picture of Mom is one I hadn’t seen before as all my
earliest memories of her are older than she is in the
photo. So when I went over to Dad’s Tuesday I showed him
the other pictures first then told him I had an older
one of Mom.

She has been gone six years now but I wasn’t sure how he
react. I was pleased when he looked at the old photograph
and his face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. He
claimed he had never seen the picture before either and
kept staring at her likeness.

So even though I believed I had a keepsake to cherish up
to that moment I decided to ask him if he wanted it. And
he replied that he would like to have it. After all, I
was the proud owner of said picture for four days, and
although I’d known her all my life he knew her longer.

Enjoy the picture Dad, I know I did while it was mine.
Hope you have a great day today, I know I’m grinning.
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2 Responses to The old photograph

  1. Sonny says:

    Very touching. That’s what I love about this site. Stories like this make you feel like everyone here are your friends and you’re sitting down for lunch with them talking about anything and bringing a smile to your face.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thank you.

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