Weekend thoughts

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The sun has set, the temperature has dropped, and it’s
about time to lay the body horizontal to prepare for the
new week. It was another great weekend here on the east
coast of Iowa and we actually checked everything off the
to-do list for a change.

We took a cruise out of town, walked along the river, and
met with my cousin I hadn’t seen for over 40 years. we
dined out more this weekend than we usually do in a month
and I grilled sirloin steaks for supper tonight. What’s not
to like?

And I even found out that I had most of the characteristics
our Attorney General claims makes me a domestic radical.
Lord love a duck. When it gets to the point we have thought
police listening to our every word while claiming some
words or beliefs make us dangerous, we need a change.

So I’ll make it clear, I don’t believe in global warming,
I do believe Islamic terrorism is alive and well in our
country, and I love God, my family, my country, and my
guns. I also think political correctness should be
abolished, and Black Lives Matter should be considered a
hate group. If things get destroyed, or set on fire,
during a “protest” it is a riot.

I also do not like our government in its current form. We
have too big of a government, it taxes us too much and puts
special interests above the citizens. There should be no
long list of perks for being a member of Congress and that
does include any retirement package.

What is wrong with lowering the amount of spending by our
government instead of continually raising taxes? There
should not be a deficit and all government entities should
be required to have balanced budgets.

If thoughts like that make me a threat, then they’re doing
something wrong.
Comments are always welcome.

3 Responses to Weekend thoughts

  1. Mamabear says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said so I guess I’m going to be labeled as a domestic radical. I guess b/c we love our country and care what happens we’re wrong in the AG’s mind. I’d love to give the AG a piece of mind, but that’s probably wrong too. What’s a person to do?

    Sounds like you had a grand weekend. Have a great week. God Bless America.

  2. QC Ghost says:

    Ya know now? Don’t I feel stupid! I thought it was “Black Labs Matter.” http://dogtime.com/dog-breeds/labrador-retriever#/slide/1

  3. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for the kind words and support. We have to keep pointing out all the nonsense the administration claims we need. And we did have a great weekend and this week is looking good too.

    lol, I got the card. I wish it were Labs, at least then I’d understand.

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