Time off

a 040

If anyone tried to call, email, or message me yesterday
they may have thought I was avoiding them, or mad. This is
not the case. I was kidnapped! The lady who has been
following me around for almost 30 years did it. She gets
these crazy ideas that every 5 years or so we need a break.

So we cruised up to the Port of Dubuque, enjoyed some fine
dining, walked on the elevated River Walk overlooking the
mighty Mississippi River, and watched the sun sink below
the horizon from the top of a hill. I only brought my
little pocket camera and took a few photos.

The wife has this rule in her car about taking pictures
while driving and I guess that makes sense when there is a
lot of traffic. If I like any of the few pictures I took,
I will share them.

We did have an interesting moment when the wife discovered
the ceiling was leaking over the very table we had placed
our laptops on. The weird thing is we were on the first
floor of a three story motel! The manager came, looked at
the leak, and promptly has us move to another room.

One would think that would be the end of our problems
right? Almost. We turned the air conditioner on in our new
room and when it started to get a little too chilly decided
to turn down the cold. Wrong. All the knobs to adjust said
air flow were missing!

My laptop dried out and appeared to work, we got used to
our frigid room, and turned in for the night. Imagine our
surprise when we woke up looking like Mama and Papa Smurf.
On top of a blue tinge my hair had ballooned out so that my
head looked as big as a basketball.

We left to cruise home around 6 am after a quick pit stop
for a quart infusion of hot coffee, and the traffic wasn’t
bad. So we’re home again, my laptop appears to be unharmed,
we did get the phone messages, and after another short
engagement today will get around to sorting them out.

Later today we’ll post a Sunday Snicker that some may
offensive and others inappropriate. Yes, back to business
as usual. Enjoy your Saturday, we won’t see another for a
Comments are always welcome.


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