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The weekend is upon us and it should be an enjoyable,
but busy weekend for us. There are times when you have no
plans one minute and several options the next. Chances of
rain should make it interesting too, although we’ve always
believed that if there is a chance it will rain there is
also a chance it will not rain.

With that in mind, it is Friday so we’ll list some events
that are going on in and around the east coast of Iowa.

The 9th Annual Heartland Nova Reunion is being held today
and tomorrow in Bettendorf. We have heard the location is
changed from the Isle of Capri parking lot to the
Bettendorf Waterfront Convention Center parking lot due to
construction. It is located at 2012 State Street in

Saturday and Sunday, June 25, 26, is the Quad City Air
Show and the gates open at 8 am. This is the 30 annual show
and is still held at the Davenport Airpost. For more info,
go here.

Saturday, June 25 is the 21st Annual Colona Freedom
Celebration Car Show held on the Hennepin Canal Parkway in
Colona, Illinois.

Sunday, June 26 is the Galesburg Railroad Days Showcase
of Cars held in downtown Galesburg, Illinois. This show
runs from 7:30 to 3 pm and is free.

I was going to list some events that didn’t involve cars
and/or speed but didn’t know where to look. Perhaps in the
future I may care enough to look into that. Until then,
keep the shiny side up and enjoy the weekend.
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