Quite the day

Yesterday I was busier than a set of jumper cables at a
family reunion. I even forgot to eat supper until around
9:30. And it wore me out so I slept through the big storm
that raged here on the east coast of Iowa. From those who
didn’t sleep through it I’ve heard we got between 3-6
inches rain with a lot of thunder of lightening.


But the basement is dry this morning and I feel like I
slept 7 hours! Great nap, great day yesterday, and even
with the forecast storms today it’s going to be great. So
let it rain.

The reason is simple. The total in our bank account
insures we don’t have to worry about identity theft, we
have a great family and good friends, a roof over our
heads, and enough frozen pizza, Twinkies, and Snickers to
last a couple of weeks in case of an emergency.

At various times yesterday the clouds danced across the
sky in a synchronized movement, banded together to make
stripes against the blue of the sky, and turned darker than
the edge of night.

b 038

b 040

Even the critters were out enjoying it.

b 042

b 028

Because of all this, we’ve decided to take today at a
slower pace so we can enjoy all that we are blessed
to see and have. We hope you have a chance to do
the same.
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