Just some more facts


Talk is still going on about banning “assault weapons” for
civilian use and it’s anybody’s guess where the Senate will
end on this until they’re done. So once again we will try
to explain a few things for those against our 2nd Amendment

The term assault weapon didn’t come into play until around
1987 and the debate is still on as to whether the anti-gun
lobby or the gun manufacturers came up with the term.

Assault rifle IS a military term used to describe a medium
caliber shoulder-fired fired rifle that allows the shooter
to select between semiautomatic, fully automatic, or
three-shot burst modes. AR-15 and other like weapons are
not assault rifles by this definition.

What the press and some uninformed politicians are
calling assault weapons are weapons not used in any
military, in any country, on our planet. Hunting rifles are
more powerful.


And even though you wouldn’t know it listening to the
drive by media, crime is down and the facts prove that guns
are not the problem. The hate-spewing, gun hating, my way
or the highway politicians are.


37 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago and 9
died. Gun control doesn’t work there either and the
media won’t cover it.

We have taken God out of schools, respect away from our
flag, and took away all the phone booths so Clark Kent
can’t change into Superman, and guns are the problem?
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5 Responses to Just some more facts

  1. The argument over what are the biggest causes of deaths is (to me) irrelevant, since we have a moral obligation to deal in some way with ALL of them. I mean we aren’t going to address the dangers of unsafe cars, or obesity, and skip monitoring and regulation of food, air, water, choking hazards, building standards – and guns. Anything that might cause preventable deaths deserves consideration, because the victim’s families won’t exactly take kindly to being told the loss of their loved one was from a statistically unlikely cause, especially if there are sensible ways to make things safer for others.

  2. QC Ghost says:

    Find the suspicious Islamist and amputate his trigger-finger. Then he can still flip us off when it’s necessary.

    Your ‘moral obligation’ is to protect your loved-ones and yourself, anything else is the same ignorant liberal crap.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    that doesn’t surprise me. Clears things up for some.

    Invisible Mikey,
    nobody can ensure safety. It is up to the individual to be prepared.

    plus that would help us tell them from the moderates.

  4. QC Ghost says:

    We are in so much trouble; the idiots outnumber real Americans any more. Here’s a post from a guy I worked with back in the late ’60’s . . . and he’s serious. Guess what state he ‘still’ lives in:

    “When the World Trade Center Bldgs were hit back in 9’11’01….all Ben Laden wanted, was to have a serious conversation about getting our bases out of Saudi Holy Land, and fix the Palestinian problem with our friends in Israel. They would have been very happy….we would not have had to attack Anybody….and we today would be at peace…..but, Noooooo……someone thought we could take all the oil, with a little show of power…. Dick….you’re still a DICK!”

    Who planted these seeds of cancer in the heads of such vulnerable, naive dolts who still believe this crap today? George Bush should have stood up for himself. George Bush should have ‘slowly’ explained the facts of life to these clowns. George Bush should have spoken in monosyllables. Fortunately I’ll be dead before today’s millennials REALLY screw things up.

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