Storm brewing


With the recent shootings in Orlando the media has been
non-stop with the opinions of everyone from our president
to the man on the street. We feel 99% of said opinions are
missing the point.

Blame has been placed on Muslims, the guns, the NRA,
hatred of gays, lack of stronger gun control laws, the
opinion that nobody should be allowed to own semi-
automatic weapons, and everyone except the one-armed man
on the run from authorities charged with a crime he didn’t

Possible solutions have been many and varied. You’ve
heard them too. Everything from stricter background checks
and banning assault rifles to stopping the NRA. The 2nd
Amendment has nothing to do with hunting so that car is
out of the race.

Once again we’ll say, quit shipping the bull our freezer
is full! We don’t care what color your skin is, what
religion you believe in or believe in none, if you
have guns or hate them, your sexual preferences, or who
you voted for. We don’t hate anyone.

But the real root cause is right in front of us yet most
don’t see it. The answer is not easy to find when one
looks. The reason is politicians and the drive by media
don’t want us to find the cause, and thus, the answer.

This may come as a shock so set your coffee down before
reading further, but the cause of our “gun” problem is
none of the above. And it is in the sound bites and texts
we have all seen. Simply put “the shooter passed a
background check even though he had been investigated
twice by the FBI”.

The problem isn’t the availability of guns, the problems
is the government does not enforce the current laws. To
someone with common sense, the answer is simple. Start
enforcing the law. To the current bunch of corrupt
politicians, the answer is divide to conquer.

If someone is as crazy as an outhouse rat he, or she,
should not be able to purchase a gun. They should be
given treatment. If someone is on an FBI watch list, they
shouldn’t be able to buy a gun. And wouldn’t it be
refreshing, just once, to hear a politician admit it was
their fault?

We are tired of the government continually making fatal
mistakes, blaming it on the most controversial scapegoat,
and then taxing the hell out of us for the privilege. We
do not want any more bull. Fix our broken government and
leave our guns alone.
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6 Responses to Storm brewing

  1. Chuck says:

    AMEN. The real problem and our greatest ENEMY is The Federal Government.

  2. QC Ghost says:

    Brilliant post, but I humbly believe you’re wasting your time. You can’t wake someone up . . . who is only pretending to be asleep.

  3. Grumpa Joe says:

    They only enforce the laws that are in their favor at any time.

  4. thursdaywdave says:

    Excellent post

  5. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    thanks for the reblog.

    it seems so.

    if we don’t try we’ll never know. I have to try.

    Grumpa Joe,
    or are politically correct.

    thank you for the kind words.

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