Just in case you forgot…


Today is Flag Day, the start of National Flag Week, and
the United States Army’s birthday. Flag Day is not an
official federal holiday but it commemorates the adoption
of the flag of these United States on June, 14th, 1777.

The celebration of the Army’s birthday is because on this
date in 1775 Congress established the American Continental

June 14th is the 165th day of the year and we have 200
days left of 2016. Today is also World Blood Donor Day.

On this date-

The first Dutch newspaper was printed in 1618 by Joris

In 1789 the survivors of the mutiny on the HMS Bounty
reach Timor after sailing 4,600 miles in an open boat.

Also in 1789 whiskey distilled from maize is first
produced by the Rev. Elijah Craig and he called it Bourbon
because he lived in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

The first Henley Royal Regatta was held on the River
Thames in 1846.

Trade unions were established in Canada in 1872.

Hawaii because a United States territory in 1900.

In 1907, Norway grants women the right to vote.

Pennsylvania became the first state fo celebrate Flag Day
as a state holicay in 1937, the same year the House of
Representatives passed the Marihuana Tax Act.

In 1940, 728 Polish political prisoners became the first
inmates of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

And in 1954 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs a bill
that placed the words “under God” into our Pledge of

So fly your flag and salute the Army while sipping your
bourbon. Or whatever floats your boat. Enjoy Flag Day.
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