Rough times

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When I got up this morning and had enough coffee in me to
look in the mirror, I felt like this bird looks. Rode hard
and put away wet. Worked harder in my dreams last night,
than I have in a month.

But the big news is the shooting in Orlando. A tragedy
to be sure. Our condolences to the families. Yet listen to
Obama and the drive by media, and we’re living in the
wild west. They just cannot let a tragedy unfold without
adding their own opinions and beliefs while pretending
those opinions are facts.

The fact that this shooter passed the background checks
proves they don’t work. The fact the term “assault weapon”
is used so freely is proof that the news is opinion and
not fact.

Blame is the weapon most used and it is aimed in many
directions. Finger pointing has become an art form that
far too many are embracing.

And the very people who know which buttons to push to set
off those among who believe everything these people say is
gospel are pushing said buttons. Instead of seeking unity
we are being divided. Much like the global warming debate,
this is far from over.

The politicians will tell us they just want a ban on
“assault weapons” for the better good. Some of us know
where that will lead and will not go there. Stop shipping
the bull. Our freezer is full.

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4 Responses to Rough times

  1. We suffer from the same.
    Politicians never letting an ‘event’ go to waste.
    Only here in the UK they’ve got the guns, made the laws “to keep us safe”, and still the numbers of gun crime go up.

    Still rest assured that when TEOTWAWKI happens, it was the UK’s BREXIT that caused it and NOT global warming.

  2. Dale Gilmour says:

    If a few of those attending had carried weapons, the outcome would have been drastically changed. The best thing to stop a bad person with a gun, is a good person with a gun.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    thanks for the reblog.

    we still have our guns, but some politicians are trying their damnedest to get them. In the mean time I’m going live until I die.

    Dale Gilmour,
    it’s my understanding that because liquor is served you can’t carry your weapon. But I agree. More proof gun control doesn’t work.

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