Weekend thoughts

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It was so hot and humid yesterday even the birds were
stepping lively on the hot pavement. We’re not sure what
the agenda is today as it supposed to be just as hot and

If you feel the need to experience our mini heat wave,
the Quad Cities Cruisers are holding their Open Run XXXIV
Car Show today at SouthPark Mall from 4-9 pm. The event
will be held near Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The Scrap Drive is being held on the Boone County
Fairgrounds in Belvidere, Illinois today between 7 am and
4 pm. This rod and custom show features pin ups, a live
band, pinstripers and more. If you enter your ride it is
$10 and $5 if you just want to be a spectator.

Some would rather stay home and enjoy the air
conditioning on hot days. If you don’t have air, and the
heat affects you, please find a cooling station near you
when the heat index climbs to 100 and above. And if you
have outdoor pets make sure they have plenty of water and

In other news, 69 people were shot and shot and 7 killed
in Chicago this week. This year to date 1,651 people were
shot and 249 were shot and killed. And Chicago is big on
gun control!

Have a great weekend but remember, there are people out
there who are crazier than a dog in a hubcap factory.
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4 Responses to Weekend thoughts

  1. QC Ghost says:

    Lucky for Chicago, more thugs are moving in to replace the dead.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thought more were leaving than moving in.

  3. QC Ghost says:

    I was just adding to the horror; no facts here.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    I thought facts didn’t matter anymore? Have a good one.

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