Fine line

22 021

Some days it’s a feeling, other days I am absolutely sure
it exists. I’m talking about the fine line between what we
think is going on and what actually is going on. And at
times it is indeed a fine line while at other times it is

If six people witness a crime there is likely to be
differences in what they claim they saw. Two people can
walk down the same street, at the same time, and have two
different experiences. While one might notice a house
needs painting as the other notices a drug deal go down.

Almost like the glass half empty/half full debate.

The optimist sees the glass as half full, the pessimist
half empty, the realist sees a glass of water, the
opportunist drinks the water while the others are
debating, the conspiracy theorist claims it makes no
difference as the water is poisoned with fluoride, the
government wants to tax it and attach warning labels, the
Psychologist wants to know how that makes you feel, the
nutritionist warns you it isn’t enough to meet your daily
requirement, women libbers wonder if a man would get a
full glass, and almost all forget the glass is refillable.

Everybody has their own take on things but the art of
debate has sadly passed away. It’s alright to be a little
different, that’s what makes us who we are.
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