Wondering mind

Yesterday was another fine day here on the east coast
of Iowa and we hope that trend continues. If it was any
nicer it would probably be illegal. The icing on the
cake was the fact that the critters were enjoying the
day too.


Fern was out and about early soaking up some sunshine
and eating the lawn, birds were out in abundance, and we
even saw two birds in a bush. We’ve all heard the old
adage “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, but
the two in the bush made for quite a sight.


Squirrels were out doing whatever it is squirrels do
and this one was looking for something. He would go to
one spot and dig a little then scamper off only to
return and start all over again.
cr 009

There were many more critters out and about but they
wouldn’t agree to pose for the camera. Upon coming back
inside I almost tripped over this fearsome creature. It
may be hard to believe but Mogwai is a very tense cat.

cr 037

Today, after a visit with Dad, the yard work has my
name on it. An attempt will be made to conquer the weeds
and shorten the hedge, but if all else fails we may get
a few good pictures. Enjoy you day.
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