That was different


Even the birds were laughing yesterday. One of those
near perfect mid-western summer days when people run
hither and yon enjoying whatever it is that floats their

Critters scampered and played like children while the
birds chattered amongst themselves. Yard-work was almost
enjoyable just because one had to be outside to do it.
The day even ended on a good note.

A friend invited me to join him for supper at a steak
house and I don’t know what I expected, but as busy as
the place was it must be what others enjoy. It had all
the things that make dining strange to those of us who
usually eat at home.

When we eat at home , we don’t turn off all the lights
and crank the stereo up. This always makes me wonder if
the lights are low to make the food look better or for
atmosphere. We were quite a pair to enter such a place.
My friend had a sore throat and could barely talk, I can
barely hear on good day, and the noise level was a small

The sound system was cranked up a few times to a level
I though my nose would bleed, and it seemed like 7,000
people walked by our aisle table as we enjoyed our meal.
The service was good, the food was great, and my hearing
is almost back to normal.

As we were leaving a young waitress approached to tell
me that I had somehow snagged a cloth napkin off the
table and it was following behind me. Imagine my
surprise when I saw this was true. First time that’s ever

Thanks to my friend for dinner, you for reading this,
and the wife for putting up with me. Enjoy the day.
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