What if?

May 25, 2016


This picture makes me smile. Not the best I ever took
or professional looking, but I like it. The picture
reminds of a long-time friend and his visits. Every time
he stops over I know two things will happen; he’ll drive
the wife nuts and he’ll ask the same questions he always

One of those questions is always ‘If you had your life
to live over would you change anything?’ And I always
reply ‘no because you can’t change it’. Much like the
picture, the small bird on the wire is in focus yet the
larger bird swooping in isn’t.

That’s because the other bird wasn’t in the frame when
I focused. If the bigger bird would have been in the
frame both birds would have been gone by the time I
refocused and I would have a totally different shot.

The other question is ‘If you could have kept every car
you ever owned, would you?’ That would be another no.
Having owned over 150 vehicles I would need a farm to
store them at. Not to mention that many license plates,
insurance policies, and maintenance.

They all brought a smile to my face for various reasons.
Most were loud, fast, and would pass anything but a gas
station while the rest were customs that just looked good
cruising the town. Some were sold before I even knew they
were for sale.

I remember a yellow coupe that the paint had barely
dried on when a guy stepped up and told me he was going
to buy it. After explaining that I had just finished it
and it wasn’t for sale the guy offered so much cash he
ended up owning it.

Sometimes we just have to let go. If we can’t change
it, why fight it. I sleep soundly not sweating the
what ifs. Keep the shiny side up.
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Lazy days

May 24, 2016

Some days are just made for goofing off. We don’t
always know which day we’ll get but we know it when it
happens. And it doesn’t always have to do with the
weather either.

I was all set to hit it hard today until today got here.
All was set, preparations made, and plans for every task
to be done. I stepped outside and saw a bird flying by,
snapped a picture, and the plans changed.


It is a little windy here on the east coast of Iowa and
rain is in the forecast, but the birds didn’t get the
memo. Even the robin in the picture below was zipping
around like he lost his house keys and was trying to
find them.


So the day is half over and I have yet to finish a
project. I have been thinking real hard about when
to get started though.

I did make it over to visit Dad and we had a nice chat.
He started by saying he just didn’t feel like doing much
today and since he’s going to be 91 soon I told him he
earned the right to a slow day. So he replied that after
I left he would take a nap before lunch. At least he has
a plan he can stick to.

Nothing to worry about though because I’ll just change
the date on the plans and do them another day. So if
you plans got scrapped enjoy the day anyway. I know we’re
going to.
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Losing it

May 23, 2016

Lost all track of time yesterday but got a lot of work
done. It was one of those perfect spring days with the
blue skies and plenty of sun. Not that some didn’t try
to ruin it.

a 015

Yes, even though it wasn’t that hot it seemed like all
the critters had problems. Even the feral cat had an
attitude and stuck his tongue out at me before putting
his tail in the air and scampering off.

b 005

It was almost as if he thought I couldn’t run to get
him. While I am a skinny, older redneck, I can run
pretty good for about 10 feet!

And the cat wasn’t alone. Even the pigeons got into the
act. They landed on a neighboring roof and waited to see
if I would wash the wife’s car so they could dive bomb
it when I was done and leave us another multi-colored
present on the hood.

a 006

But I fooled them because the car didn’t get washed! We
did get a lot of brush removed, bundled, and ready for
disposal tomorrow. Even though I drank several glasses
of lemonade it all went into soaking my shirt instead of
slacking my thirst.

Today looks to be more of the same in the never ending
quest to keep ahead of the weeds, small trees, and
felonious critters. We should now be back to regular
posting as too many days like yesterday and I’d be in
need of paramedics and a floor jack.

Enjoy the day, it’s the only one we get.
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Sunday snicker

May 21, 2016


I sure hope God has a sense of humor.

“Mommy” she said “Can we leave now?”

“No” her mother replied.

“Well, I think I have to throw up!”

“Then go out the front door and around to the back of
the church and throw up behind a bush.”

In about two minutes the little girl returned to her seat.

“Did you throw up?” her mother asked.

“Yes” the little girl replied.

“Well, how could you have gone all the way to the back of
the church and return so quickly?”

“I didn’t have to go out of the church, Mommy” the little
girl replied, “They have a box next to the front door that
says ‘for the sick’.”

Along the river

May 21, 2016

We went down to Credit Island Park to attend the QC
Tailgate Cookoff. We didn’t get many pictures, but we’ll
share the few we did get. It was one of those days when
we couldn’t get our ducks in a row.

This made me think there is probably a good reason why
we never hear of a guide duck. Before we sought out all
the attractions we wandered the river bank and looked to
the east.


If you know this area, the Mississippi runs east to
west. On the right side of the picture is Illinois and
Iowa is to the left. The Centennial bridge lies beyond
the Railroad bridge.

We passed the grille teams working their magic with
meats, rubs, sauces, and whatever they cook to arrive at
a paved area that had some cars from a British Car Club
from the area. Way too new for my taste but some good
looking iron.


After I quit drooling we wandered into the new building
behind the cars and looked over the silent auction items
that filled many tables. When we went back outside a band
called “Stone Cold Moonshine” was playing and we liked it
so much we stayed for the whole set.

We had a great time and left early as the wife has to
work tonight and needs her beauty sleep. Later today I
will post a Sunday snicker. Enjoy the weekend, it’s a
great one here.
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May 20, 2016

I was busy today and time got away from me. Sort of
like the old song written by Willie Nelson called
“Funny How Time Slips Away”.

I wanted to get this out before eating and requisite
nightly nap, and it does involve time. First a mention
of Armed Forces Day tomorrow. Make sure you thank a
service member.

The other item is also an event and also tomorrow. If
you have some time we recommend you check out the Matt
A. Miller QC Tailgate Cook-off tomorrow anytime between
10 am and 8 pm. at Credit Island Park in Davenport, Iowa.

It is a fund raiser that is so much more than a cook
off. They will have a disc golf tournament, a silent
auction of some really neat things, raffles, kids games,
live music and maybe even some classic cars to look at.


The weather is supposed to be great, it falls on the
weekend, and you may even pick up a few grilling tips
or walk away with the winning bid on something you didn’t
know you needed. The wife and I plan on being there early
as she works tomorrow night so if we get some pictures,
we’ll share them.

Enjoy the weekend, it’s the only one we get this week.
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Would he?

May 19, 2016

I was all set to go out and toil in the sun until I got
tired of sweating or bored. That changed with a call
from our furnace people who wanted to turn on and check
the air conditioner.

That was just now finished and I don’t feel like
starting the day in the afternoon, so I went outside to
think about it. As I looked around this groundhog looked
to be on guard duty.


As you know, another name for a groundhog is a
woodchuck. And since he wasn’t chucking wood I have
postponed the yard work until tomorrow. Yet this begs the
question, “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a
woodchuck could chuck wood?”

Obviously the one I spied couldn’t, or wouldn’t chuck
any. So then I wondered if any woodchucks ever chucked
any wood which I will look into at a later date. I do
know the ones around here prefer whatever happens to be

After some research I discovered groundhogs (woodchucks)
mainly eat vegetables, grasses, berries, clover, alfalfa,
and dandelions! So where does the woodchucking come in?

I also found out that the critters don’t drink water
but get hydrated by the juices of the plants they eat.
It is thought they do like eating plants with rain water
on them. This brings to mind perhaps the most important
question of all: if a woodchuck don’t chuck wood, why
did we have to memorize the tongue twister?

And I guess the second half of the tongue twister does
answer part of that question.

A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could

if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
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