Day is done

Heard “Tattoo” being played on Arsenal Island and that
means my day is about done. This morning after reading
the paper I walked out the back door and encountered
this critter.


Perhaps Fern is a female after all. And just yesterday
we saw a bird who must be building a nest. Thought I’d
add it just because I like the picture.


I even had time to stop and smell the roses.

a 001

So I went back inside so we could get ready to go over
to Dad’s for a little get together. Dad, my brother, and
myself talked a little about our time in the service
while dinning on hot dogs, baked beans, and deviled
eggs. Even though a few family members couldn’t make it
I think everyone who did had a good time.

Coming home we spied this bird gliding on the thermals
and it did look impressive. Not sure what type of bird
it is other than a big one.

a 051

Later I went out and heard the bugler and glanced to
west. The sky was trying to show off a little and did a
pretty good job of doing so.

b 003

Yeah, my day is done. We hope this holiday you had a
moment to remember those who gave all to keep us free.
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