Idle critters

Have you ever wondered if there are any unemployed
critters? Birds always appear to be hunting for food or
nest building material, squirrels are hiding their food
to get them through the winter, bees are pollinating the
flowers, and even the groundhogs seem to look for the
perfect snack.


The cardinal looked pretty relaxed to me and I thought
perhaps he was on vacation or took a casual day. Then he
flew off in search of whatever it is they search for.
About that time a squirrel waltzed by with what looked
like a walnut in his mouth.


He was on a mission to bury said nut and scamper off
to find another. And all the critters I came across
yesterday were going about their business seemingly
without rest. Thus, the unemployed critter thought.

They don’t go to school, don’t have a government that
we know of, or means of measuring wealth. The one
obvious upside if they keep busy is that they eat and
are healthy.

There are scavengers of course who dine on the effort
of others, but for the most part it looks to me as if
there are no lazy animals. This planet we live on is a
pretty amazing place. All we have to do is look around
us, and I thank God that I now have a little time to do

You may not believe in God, and that is your choice,
but we think he gave us a great place to experience
while we’re here. It may not seem that wonderful to
some but it is the only place we got.
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