What if?


This picture makes me smile. Not the best I ever took
or professional looking, but I like it. The picture
reminds of a long-time friend and his visits. Every time
he stops over I know two things will happen; he’ll drive
the wife nuts and he’ll ask the same questions he always

One of those questions is always ‘If you had your life
to live over would you change anything?’ And I always
reply ‘no because you can’t change it’. Much like the
picture, the small bird on the wire is in focus yet the
larger bird swooping in isn’t.

That’s because the other bird wasn’t in the frame when
I focused. If the bigger bird would have been in the
frame both birds would have been gone by the time I
refocused and I would have a totally different shot.

The other question is ‘If you could have kept every car
you ever owned, would you?’ That would be another no.
Having owned over 150 vehicles I would need a farm to
store them at. Not to mention that many license plates,
insurance policies, and maintenance.

They all brought a smile to my face for various reasons.
Most were loud, fast, and would pass anything but a gas
station while the rest were customs that just looked good
cruising the town. Some were sold before I even knew they
were for sale.

I remember a yellow coupe that the paint had barely
dried on when a guy stepped up and told me he was going
to buy it. After explaining that I had just finished it
and it wasn’t for sale the guy offered so much cash he
ended up owning it.

Sometimes we just have to let go. If we can’t change
it, why fight it. I sleep soundly not sweating the
what ifs. Keep the shiny side up.
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