Along the river

We went down to Credit Island Park to attend the QC
Tailgate Cookoff. We didn’t get many pictures, but we’ll
share the few we did get. It was one of those days when
we couldn’t get our ducks in a row.

This made me think there is probably a good reason why
we never hear of a guide duck. Before we sought out all
the attractions we wandered the river bank and looked to
the east.


If you know this area, the Mississippi runs east to
west. On the right side of the picture is Illinois and
Iowa is to the left. The Centennial bridge lies beyond
the Railroad bridge.

We passed the grille teams working their magic with
meats, rubs, sauces, and whatever they cook to arrive at
a paved area that had some cars from a British Car Club
from the area. Way too new for my taste but some good
looking iron.


After I quit drooling we wandered into the new building
behind the cars and looked over the silent auction items
that filled many tables. When we went back outside a band
called “Stone Cold Moonshine” was playing and we liked it
so much we stayed for the whole set.

We had a great time and left early as the wife has to
work tonight and needs her beauty sleep. Later today I
will post a Sunday snicker. Enjoy the weekend, it’s a
great one here.
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