Moon talk

The man in the moon came out early today so we had a
little visit. Poor guy just had a look on his face that
said he needed a friend.

a 006

As we talked we noticed a bird and a tree decided to
join us in our chat. We didn’t have a problem with that
even the bird was a gossip and the tree didn’t say
anything. We managed to have a nice relaxing chat while
I sipped my coffee, even with the distractions.

a 014

Well you know how word travels when you’re having a
good time and before we knew it we were joined by yet
another bird and a younger tree. It was turning into a
mob scene!

a 025

That was about the time the man in the moon decided it
was getting a little crowded, and later than he thought,
so he moved on. It was good seeing he again after his
short vacation while it rained.

a 032

So if you get a chance, at the right time of the day,
you ought to see if you can find the man in the moon for
yourself. He’s easy to talk to as long as a crowd doesn’t
start gathering. A perfect end to another great day on
the east coast of Iowa. Hope yours was great as well.
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