Not missing it


I have not been watching any news programs nor
following the soap opera some call the election process
for almost a week now. Said programs are not missed and
I feel liberated by not following them.

I care not if Republicans run someone against Trump,
Hillary goes to trial, or Bernie wins the seat. I have
come to the conclusion that everybody running for
president is crazy on one level or another. Trump may be
the only exception to that rule, but I could be wrong.

Why is it these white collar welfare recipients feel
the need to look us in the eye and tell us they know
how we feel? In our house we sure don’t feel like multi-
millionaires or billionaires.

And just how does one claim to be a career public
servant and amass a fortune of several million dollars?
I have heard enough and will do my best not to hear
anymore bull that is being shipped via any form of media.
We’ve heard it all before and will again come next election.

Working outside instead of tuning in the news is better
for my health anyway.
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