Lost track of time

Here on the east coast of Iowa it was a great day to be
outside. The plan was to get more yard work done, but
that idea quickly lost out to just enjoying the day.
After all, with sights like these how can anyone be
expected to concentrate on work.

2 010

The steeple in front of a blue sky with an eagle soaring
in the background while the trees stand guard duty is
something amazing to see.

I thought I’d snap out of it by paying attention to the
ground. You guessed it. That didn’t last long with the
furry critters out for a walk.
2 001

So plan C was to look towards the heavens again. Yeah,
that didn’t work either. Noticed these birds in the tree
tops planning on when to drop their surprises on the
wife’s car. They seem to like white cars.

2 003

I still wasn’t getting any work done but the planning
stage is almost complete.Then the job was forgotten when
an old friend showed up. The moon was out it all its
glory around 4:30 pm and I knew the day was shot.

1 003

1 009

It’s time I’ll never get back yet won’t miss either as
I feel it was well worth the price of admission. Of
course being outside and snapping pictures all day means
I forgot lunch and now, dinner. My luck is holding out
though as I happen to know where there is a pizza with
my name on it. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as
I did.
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