Taking a break

Thought we’d share a few more pictures taken in between
the storms. It all started when I was editing my photos
to make the files small enough to move around yet large
enough to keep the detail. I took the picture below and
called it ‘taking a break’.

With constant wind of 30 mph the bird just looked like
he needed a rest. With the wind not letting up the
clouds moved quickly through and changed to horizon. It
was really amazing to watch. The two pictures below were
taken 15 minutes apart.



Another storm is predicted to come through at any time
and it is once again getting darker outside. And that’s
alright because I got the lawn mowed, edged, and cleaned
up while the sun was shining. Now, if only the storm
would wait until after dinner time, or at least let up
around them, I could get some ribs grilled.

But even if it is pouring I will smoke up the garage in
my quest to replenish the calories I used up mowing the
lawn. Depending on the weather tomorrow there is a
cruise-in at SouthPark Mall starting around 6 pm and we
may be there. If the weather doesn’t co-operate we will
always have home. You know, the place they have to let
you in even when others won’t. So enjoy your weekend and
have a plan B is case of bad weather.
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