It was a day of contrasts from sunny to almost dark as
night. And after the sun went down it was as dark as
night. The day started with a song from a feathered


Then things got a little cloudy as said feathered
friend flew away to serenade another.


And later more clouds moved in before the storm
actually came. A sight to behold even though plans to
be outside were put on hold.


After the wife went to work the skies cleared enough
to get a peek at the moon nestled in the now more
wispy clouds.


As the evening progressed clouds rolled back in and
tried hide the moon and doing so at times. The battle
went on for some time yet when the moon came out of
its hiding place it was worth the wait.
a 011

Some didn’t like the day that I found perfect and the
only I can figure is they didn’t have a good pizza
before they went to bed. With extra cheese it was the
perfect pizza to end a perfect day.

Today it isn’t supposed to rain until later so I will
get some yard work done even if I do get muddy in the
process. Enjoy the day, it’s the only one we get.
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