An almost normal dream


I awoke this morning wanting to visit the garage in
firm belief I had built a truck in my dream. Since I had
chicken instead of pizza before taking my nightly nap
said dream wasn’t as wild as some.

Back to the truck. In the dream I had built a 60′ Ford
F-100, painted it black with flames, and was very happy
with how it turned out. Standing at the front of this
mechanical marvel I realized it was the look I was after.

In a normal dream that would signal the end but as
mentioned mine are a little different. Everything was
almost perfect until I got to the back of the truck. It
was there I noticed a mistake had been made. While the
18-inch wide tires looked great and filled the wheel
wells, when I looked underneath my mistake was obvious.

Of all the trucks I’ve seen in my lifetime not one
other had three 18-inch wide tires in the back! Yet
mine had three evenly spaced round rubber objects under
it. But since it was a dream I fired it up for a test
drive and will admit I was pleased.

I’m still not sure how it could even work, but if it
moves I’m going to drive it like I stole it. There is no
moral to this story but we’ll leave you with something
to think about.

A 3 years old boy sits near a pregnant woman.
Boy: Why do you look so fat?

Pregnant woman: I have a baby inside me.

Boy: Is it a good baby?

Pregnant woman: Yes, it is a very good baby.

Boy: Then why did you eat it?!
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