Trying my patience

Yesterday I took a few pictures trying to figure out
how to get some of birds in flight. The best of the
bunch turned out like the one below.


Earlier today I cruised the information highway to
see what has been going on. It seems a lot of people
don’t want Trump for president and just as many don’t
want Clinton for president.

Tiring of the political double speak I looked at
several different cars, truck, boats, and RVs for about
an hour then tried a different venue. This was when I
saw how many pictures and/or videos involve cats, dogs,
dancing horses, and other more exotic critters.

About that time I had the strange feeling somebody was
watching me. A quick glance around the office proved I
was alone but I couldn’t shake the feeling. A slower
look at the room revealed the culprit.

Starting at one corner of the room and working my way
around I found the offending critter on my desk. There,
next to two modems and a framed picture was a small gray
mouse looking back at me. I knew trying to catch him in
my hand wouldn’t work yet tried.

After setting the modems and picture upright again I
glanced around the room and found said mouse setting
atop our printer. I swear the little bugger was laughing
at me. Because of that slight I decided to bring in the
heavy artillery to remove him.

I cracked open the door, grabbed a cat, and placed her
within a few feet of the mouse. She rolled over and wanted
her belly scratched while the mouse scampered off! I guess
I’ll have to go to plan C.

Hope your day hasn’t been as trying as mine and is
mouse free.
Comments are always welcome.


5 Responses to Trying my patience

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Some days, you eat the bear. Other days, the bear eats you.

  2. Mamabear says:

    WOW that’s one bold mouse you have in the house and also one non mouser of a cat that only thinks of it’s own pleasure of a belly rub. Sorry the mouse got away, but I’m sure a trap with some cheese on it will catch the bold mouse unless the cat also likes cheese 🙂

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    that’s the cat we need !

    I’ll figure something out before it surprises the wife. I don’t think she’d handle it as well as I did.

  4. QC Ghost says:

    If you wanted me to catch your mouse, you’d have to rub my belly first, too. I’m with the cat.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    I think I’ll pass and set a trap.

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