Crazy days


When I glanced up the sky was filled with more clouds
than one would care to count. Yet with all the clouds it
was still bright out. The vivid colors seem to say take
the day off and look at me.

It did get toasty bundling brush for pick-up and
cutting large wood pieces into smaller ones so I came
inside for a glass of lemonade. When I turned on tv for
a glance at the news it was stated our elections have
turned into a circus.

Even our president did a cameo proclaiming the job of
president has to be taken seriously. He did not mention
how he knew this. So that got me thinking.

Across the media are tales of members of political
parties tearing up their cards, voters who say they
aren’t going to vote, and the requisite number of
celebrities and famous nitwits proclaiming they will
leave the country if a certain candidate is elected.

Nowhere we looked commented on the fact that such
childish behavior would have resulted in an attitude
adjustment back in our day. I see no real difference
between this election and others in the past. For myself
anyway, there is no perfect candidate.

If enough of us feel the Bern we all will be paying a
lot more in taxes, if enough vote Hillary we will be
paying more in taxes and fighting for our guns, and if
a majority jump on the Trump train we will have a wall
along our southern border and a lot of pissed off

It does make one wonder what they’re trying to pull
while putting so much bull out. It’s getting so deep MY
eyes are turning brown. This election is a drama lovers
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2 Responses to Crazy days

  1. QC Ghost says:

    I’ll settle for the ‘pissed off whiners.’ They can’t be any more pissed off or whine any louder than they already do.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I think they will if Trump gets elected and starts taking their “free” stuff away.

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