Thinking of May

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After the dust settled yesterday I went outside to gaze
toward the heavens. It is amazing to me that while
living in a city of over 100,000 the stars could even be
seen. And that got me thinking.

We are in the month of May, the fifth month of the year
and one of seven months containing 31 days. May means
spring in the norther hemisphere and autumn in the
southern hemisphere.

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, National
ALS Awareness Month, National Bike Month, National Brain
Tumor Awareness Month, National Burger Month, Community
Action Awareness Month, National Foster Care Month,
National Golf Month, Jewish American Heritage Month,
Haitian Heritage Month, Hepatitis Awareness Month,
Mental Health Awareness Month, National Military
Appreciation Month, National Moving Month, Older
Americans Month, National Osteoporosis Month, National
Stroke Awareness Month, and National Water Safety Month
here in the U.S. of A.

We also observe Mother’s Day in May. During May the USO
is celebrating by asking that we send a message to our
service members. Over 161,000 have been sent but the
number should be much larger. If you wish to sent a
message, go here.

Another point of interest to those of us on the east
coast of Iowa are the fires in Alberta, Canada that may
have an impact on us tomorrow. At some point Friday our
skies are supposed to turn “milky” as the smoke drifts
this way.

And now I once again need to go in search of a pizza
willing to be sacrificed to appease my hunger. Enjoy the
month of May.
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