A little birdie told me


In case you haven’t heard, there is a nomination going
on for who will run to be our next president. And since
the TV media can’t seem to talk about much else it was
time to take solace in nature.

The little guy pictured agreed to pose and waited for
me to get my camera to do so. He was not the talkative
type. I know ravens are supposed to say “nevermore” but
didn’t get the memo on what it was blue jays say. So I
did the talking.

I aksed him if he remembered when common sense was a
blessing and not a curse. He didn’t answer but his head
bobbed up and down a few times. Emboldened by what I
took to be a positive response I asked if he remembered
when all Americans were proud of the flag, stood up for
the National Anthem, and didn’t want everything for

Again I received no verbal answer, just a vertical nod
of the head. I was starting to like the guy. So I asked;
if he could vote, who would he vote for? That’s when
things got a little strange.

Instead of nod he danced the funky chicken! The only
thing I could surmise from that is that he would vote
for Colonel Sanders or he had a problem with a chicken.
Although we have never seen chickens in the yard it is
possible one snuck in.

Just goes to show that if you ask an honest question
you have to be prepared for an honest answer. If you
also talk to critters you’ll know what we mean. Now it
is snack time again and I hear a pizza calling.
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