Tuesday tales


Today has been the kind of day that one often wishes
for but seldom gets. High around 70 and a blue sky with
every kind of cloud you could want yet not so many they
blocked the sun.

We got the errands done early, talked to Dad and my
brother, then made it back home before too many people
knew we were out. I even got a lot yard work done which
means I still have a lot of yard work left to do. What
more could you ask for.

Nurses Week begins Friday so if you have a nurse in
your life give them a hug. If you don’t know a nurse we
would advise you not to hug a nurse as that could lead
to a misunderstanding and possible jail time.

In local news we had another shooting with non-life
threatening injuries in or around a nail salon. That
seemed to us an odd setting for a shooting until we
couldn’t come up with an appropriate setting for a

I wondered where we went so wrong that these frequent
shootings hardly make the news until I looked up and
saw this.


The cross is still there at a time when too many are
turning their back on it. And I for one hope it stays
around. Now I need to locate a Snicker’s. We already had
a pizza for supper so a snack is in order.
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