Interesting times


Sometimes life gets interesting and today was such a
day. Here on the east coast of Iowa nestled on the north
shore of the Mississippi River as the temperature raises
so do the tempers.

That may or may not have anything to do with today’s
tales of woe but we thought we’d throw it in anyway. But
I digress. I heard no strange noises as I toiled in the
yard today yet a couple things happened that were a bit

Road work around here is almost always a problem from
as soon as the frost lifts until it returns. We have
repairs on bridges and one of our busier streets is soon
to closed. So I was surprised when I heard of a six car
crash on a bridge. I assumed it was on the bridge with
lane restrictions and it was not.

Traffic was restricted headed into Iowa after the wreck
however. At the same time I heard about some cows loose
in the streets of Rock Island, Illinois, our neighbor to
the south. It seems that during a livestock auction a
gate was left open and five cows just made a break for

After hearing a report that several police officers had
one cow cornered in an alley I awaited news of said cows
arrest or capture. I have yet to hear of the fate of the
wandering livestock but am sure it will be on the news
a little tonight.

Remember to keep your gate closed, we already checked
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3 Responses to Interesting times

  1. QC Ghost says:

    One cow is still on the moooooooove…

  2. cruisin2 says:

    good to know.

    Rifleman III,
    thanks for the reblog.

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