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Sunday is the first day of the month of May which was
named for the Roman goddess Maia, who was in charge of
the growth of plants. On May 1st, May Day, people used
to crown the May queen, dance around maypoles, and
celebrate the rebirth of spring.

Some early settlers would make May baskets filled with
flowers and/or treats to leave on a neighbors doorstep.
Said gift giver would place the basket then ring the
door bell and run. The recipient of said basket would
then try to catch the gift giver, and if the giver was
caught, a kiss ensued.

America has seen many things happen on May 1st, which
some call the real Labor Day and customs have changed.
Today May Day is seen more as a day of protests aimed
at immigration reform. Most of the old practices have
gone the way of the buggy whip and we often wonder if
that is a good thing.

I’m sure that in today’s politically correct society
someone would be offended by such and idea and deem the
practice racist, sexist, or elitist. At any rate, we
hope you enjoy our upcoming May Day.
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