Rainy day dreaming

Today is going to be one of those gray, soggy days here
on the east coast of Iowa so we will be busy working
inside on the things put off until the rainy day occurs.
So we’ll just put up a few photos for you to enjoy until
the chores are done.

A buddy and myself went to a cruise-in over the weekend
and drooled over about 370 vehicles that were entered.
This is a picture from that event.


When it gets dark, if the rain isn’t falling, the sky
has been putting on a show also. Almost like living in
God’s country.


Sometimes we seem blessed before the sun goes down too.
We may live in a world getting crazier by the day, but
when we can look to the heavens and see sights like
this we feel better.


The rainy days help bring out colors and contrasts that
are hard to describe yet easy to look at.

a 002

We’ll close with one of my favorites. I can’t explain
why I like it but I do. All pictures posted can be
enlarged by clicking on them.


That ends this photographic walk down memory lane
and get to the business at hand. Have a great day,
I know we will.
Comments are always welcome.


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