Based on a true story

After 4 hours of organized feline fighting and
delusional dreams I decided to rise and face the day
only to realize it was 3 am. The wife’s cats decided to
have a mixed martial arts bout almost on top of me and
after I got them separated and calmed down I fell

I dreamed we went to pick up the kids at school in a
54′ Chevy with a hopped up stove-bolt and dual exhaust
only to end up in jail with the kids. Minutes after
being booked we were taken in front of a judge and tried
by a jury of clowns in costume who dismissed all
charges. And then it got strange. But I digress.

While pondering the dream and having a few cups of
coffee I wondered if birds got married. I read somewhere
they mated for life, so why not marriage. When I sorted
through some pictures I took yesterday I had my answer.

This picture represents when the couple first meet. The
male dances around the female while the female acts as
if she’s not interested but never breaks eye contact
with the male.


In the second stage, and still single, the male resorts
to grasping feathers or other objects in his beak to
keep the attention of the female as they continue to
stare at each other.


In the final stage after the kids have flown the coop
and they are left with an empty nest, things change. The
male is still dancing around with things in his beak
and dancing ever closer to his mate who now appears less
than interested and eye contact is lost.


Of course I haven’t figured out how all this happens in
a matter of minutes and have no scientific proof this
is true but the pictures tell the tale.
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