Changing times

I had planned on knocking out the yard work over the
weekend and while I got a good start Friday the wife
had said weekend off and wanted to cruise. So we took a
cruise to another river city about 100 miles away and

She likes the destination, I like the cruise. The
sights one gets to behold along the concrete ribbons are
nothing short of spectacular to this country boy. Here
are a few pictures.




We didn’t get any pictures once we were in the city
although the experience left us trying to figure out
why we didn’t go there more often. After stopping at the
local Mall we decided lunch was in order and headed for
a Perkin’s that we had dined at for years. It was now
a vacant lot.

So we put plan B into effect and headed toward a little
Mexican restaurant that we had frequented when we were
in town overnight. It was still there so we had a great
lunch and headed back. Sunday I did get a little yard
work done before the race came on TV and later I thought
I’d surprise the wife with something from my favorite
pizza joint. I really wish I would have thought one

I ordered 2 calzones and drooled all the way home
after I picked them up. That’s when I realized I really
have to start reading things better. Turns our we got
giant calzones and after opening the container found
said epicurean masterpieces to be 16 inches long, 10
inches wide, and over 2 inches tall!

And at some point Sunday, I even got a decent
picture of the moon. Talk about being blessed.


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3 Responses to Changing times

  1. Mamabear says:

    Sounds like you had a very nice weekend getaway. The next time you want to see some more countryside head east to my neck of the woods~we’ve got some nice back roads to travel and there’s even a few farms still up and running. There’s lots of Perkin’s still here too~but there’s a very nice restaurant on the Allegheny River I’d love to treat you to!!

    You had me drooling over a good calzone~something I’ve not had since I left Pittsburgh years ago. How big did your eyes get when you opened that box to find those giant calzone’s? Bet you’ll be eating them for awhile eh?

    That was a great race at Bristol on Sunday and one of my fave drivers even won and did his backflip. I thought for sure that Jr was dead in the water before the first lap was in, but a 2nd place finish proved me wrong. Do you have a fave driver?

    Great pic’s from your journey and the moon tops it all! The best part about this time of year is that it stays lighter longer each night! Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful weather~current temp here is 78º and that’s not bad at 6 pm and they say great weather will be staying for awhile which suits me just fine.

  2. QC Ghost says:

    I’ll bet it did a ton of talking to get you to delay the yard work?

  3. cruisin2 says:

    we’ll have to see how things go. Not sure which direction we’ll go next. The calzones made two meals for us. Edwards is good but I root for Dale, Jr. The weather has been great here too.

    yeah he did. I’ve known him for 48 years and he’s disabled now so I made the time. The yard work will get done this week if we don’t get a ton of rain.

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