Interesting times


We’ve all heard the phrase “may you live in interesting
times” and some even think it a blessing. But is is a
curse. Although many believe it an ancient Chinese
curse, we’re told there is no Chinese expression which
is close in meaning.

The first use of the phrase can be traced to a memoir
written in 1936 by Hughe Knatchbull-Hugessen. Another
mention of the phrase was also in 1936 and the reply
was “Surely, no age has been more fraught with
insecurity than our present time”.

Regardless of the origin we do live in interesting
times. If you haven’t heard, two firefighter-paramedics
and a concerned citizen were shot last night in Temple
Hills, Maryland. One firefighter is dead while the other
is wounded.

The paramedics respounded, with police, to a medical
welfare check at a home and got no response when they
knocked on the door. They decided to enter the house
when someone inside shot them, and the concerned
relative who called 911, through the door.

The surviving paramedic was shot multiple times and
flown by helicopter to a Trauma Center and the relative
had a shoulder wound. Authorities say the gunman is in
custody and being questioned.

That is what we know. We would assume the firefighters
banged on the door and announced themselves as
paramedics. And yet they were shot. As the hours pass we
will hear more plus medias politically correct opinions
on the situation.

We do live in interesting times.

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