Star gazing

Since things have warmed up here on the east coast of
coast of Iowa we took a couple of photographs outside to
see if they would work. We think they did so we’ll share

This first one was right around sunset looking through
all the trees and power lines. We’re not sure if it’s
any good, but as mentioned, we like it.


After snapping the picture above I went back in the
house to spend some time with the wife before she left
for work. After she was safely on her way I grabbed the
camera and a tripod to try again and got this one.


It isn’t a full moon but it was glowing so brightly the
tops of the tree are lighter than the rest. I thought
dozens of stars were dancing around the moon in some
sort of celebration I wasn’t party to. What a great
sight. And if you want to see a bigger picture just
click on the one shown.

The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise I’ll
live long enough to get one shot I think is perfect.
Until then, drive no faster than your guardian angel
can fly. Now I need to find another pizza that wants
to be my friend.
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