Monkey dreams


In one of my recent, milder, dreams I was a person who
pitched TV shows to networks. In this particular dream
they asked me to come up with something cutting edge
along the lines of an animal documentary.

Like Wild Kindom but on steroids. And of course I had
a response ready. I told them of a series which involved
wild racing monkeys raising chickens in the jungle. They
asked me to flesh it out a little so I oblidged.

12 teams of monkeys would clear a track in the jungle
so they could race their go-karts and inspire friendly
competition. While clearing, then racing and wrenching
each team would also sponsor a chicken coop.

After each race the teams would run to their coop,
clean it and collect eggs. The eggs would then be
boiled and dyed as peace offerings to preditors who
tried to eat said monkeys or steal eggs.

Monkeys being monkeys there would be a lot of monkeying
around which would be good for laughs and a G rating
would ensure the entire family would watch. It was a
sure hit.

Production costs would be minimal as the monkeys would
work for bananas and it wouldn’t cost much for the
chicken feed either. The go-karts don’t use much gas so
that wouldn’t be a huge expense while the tires wouldn’t
wear out as fast since the track would be dirt.

But they wouldn’t do it unless a Hollywood star could
be in it and that just ruined it for me. Isn’t it the way
things always work? Take a perfectly good idea and
there is always somebody who has to make it worse.
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One Response to Monkey dreams

  1. QC Ghost says:

    Somebody stole your idea. It’s called “Easter at the White House.”

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