The national circus


I haven’t mentioned politics in a while and there is a
reason for that. I believe they have all went crazier
than an outhouse rat. The Democrats sound like the left
wing of the Socialist Party while the Republicans are
behaving like the Democrats of old.

Every candidate is attacking another candidate while
claiming the atackee is guilty. Rumors abound and chaos
ensues, and it feels like the parties are trying to get
us voters so disgusted we won’t even vote.

Yet there have been moments that make us smile. Trump
is a name that comes up often and usually from the
mouth of a righteously indignant rival. And they’ll
proclaim “he’s not a politician!”, wtihout realizing
that not being a politician works in Trumps favor.

The Republicans have had control of the House and the
Senate yet have done nothing to convince the voters
from the last election said voters made the right
choice. While running they were going to cut spending
and reduce the debt then after elected vote to increase
the debt.

Most career politicians running have no standout bills
they sponsered nor have a stellar record. As mentioned
earlier, the rumors are many and the truth remains as
elusive as Hilary’s emails were. I laugh when I think
back to the last two elections when we had to get rid
of the rich white establishment.

We have no clue who will end up on the ballot but feel
it will be another option of choosing the lesser of two
evils on election day. Until then I’ll avoid the drama.
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3 Responses to The national circus

  1. QC Ghost says:

    We used to think that our individual votes mattered. This is a startling and rage-inducing awakening. Colorado, where the 2016 revolt began.

  2. Anon says:

    There are two reasons we vote for a candidate. Either we like him/her, or we hate their opponent. If you can’t run on your record or platform, you demonize your opponent.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    we do live in interesting times.

    that’s true.

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