Look at that

If you like looking at the night sky or having a chat
with the moon this is a great time to be alive. The
moon is a crescent moon, but because of Earthshine you
can see the dark side or the whole moon.


The best time to see this is about 40 minutes after
sunset, if you have a clear view to the west. The moon
will be very low in the western sky but surprisingly
bright. Now through April 15th is the best time to see
this. If you live in the eastern United States or
Canada tonight is the best night for you to see it.

Between April 12th and April 21st the moon will move
a third of the way across the sky and change from a
crescent moon to a bright full moon.

Something else that we noticed is that Mercury will
look like an evening star. Last night, while gawking at
the moon, I noticed Mercury looked almost like it was
trying to fit inside the moon. It will be the only star
near the western horizon after sunset. It should have
an orange tinge.

It’s worth a look and the 40 minutes to an hour after
sunset works here in Iowa. If you have trees to the west
both the moon and Mercury should be just over the tops of
those trees at the times given.

We’ll end there for fear of sounding like a sky nerd.
Regardless of whether you like to watch the night sky or
not, we hope April is a great month for you.
Comments are always welcome.


3 Responses to Look at that

  1. QC Ghost says:

    You know WAY too much about the moon for someone who CLAIMS to have never been there. Common; fess up…

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I dreamed I was there once. Does that count?

  3. oi bro, I’ll quickly drop this website here, I hope thats ok.

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