Have you ever woke up in the morning thinking you have
a million dollar idea only to have the wife poke holes
in said idea? Me either until this morning.

I got out of bed thinking I had already bought a boat
and was ready to search for a used pick-up truck, a few
dozen mesh laundry bags, and a place to rent scuba gear.
When I went into the kitchen and asked the wife if she
had seen the boat in the driveway I got the look and
heard “what boat?”

They stole my boat I yelled and the wife replied we
didn’t own a boat. That’s when I realized it was a
pizza induced dream. But what a dream. We’d make

So I explained to her I would use the pick-up to take
the boat down to the Mississippi river then take the
boat out on the river to dive. She asked me what I would
dive for so I told her potato chips on the bottom of the

Now hear me out. I figure with all the litter along the
riverfront there had to be tons of unsalvaged potato
chips laying on the river bed. Nobody salvaged them as
most think there is no money in the venture. But…

What if the chips could be recycled and sold? I know,
it’s amazing nobody thought of this before. Dive to the
bottom, fill the laundry bags with chips, bring them up
to the boat. Then bring the boat home, give the bags a
good rinsing with the garden hose, and dry them in the

I told her there are all kinds of food in the store
that advertise being sun dried. And while they were just
drying in the sun I could add some sea salt and call
them organic! But…

The wife said she wouldn’t eat anything that came out
of the Mississippi because it would be dirty. So I told
her potatoes grow in the ground and are washed off
before we eat them so the process would be the same.

She thought she had me when she said said the recycled
chips would probably taste fishy. And I got another
brainstorm. We could put small packages of tartar sauce
in the chip bag and call them Captain Kenny’s Recycled
Organic Fishy Chips!

I still can’t believe she said no.
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2 Responses to Busted

  1. Grumpa Joe says:

    One of your best ever posts. I love it.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Grumpa Joe,
    thank you.

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