What happened?

4-1 006

The more I watch the mainstream media the more I
appreciate nature. Ever since political correctness
became popular it looks to us like most folks have gone
off the deep end.

Peoples feelings are hurt and they are traumatized by
just seeing someones name, if we’re white we are told
we are supposed to be privileged, and those out protesting
don’t even know what they’re protesting about. Law
enforcement is their enemy and socialism is their friend.

When people on the street are asked they can’t name the
current vice-president but can recite the top hits of
their favorite band, while others believe they shouldn’t
have to improve their education or work harder to make
more money.

All seem to forget the reason we became a country in
the first place. The Revolutionary War was caused by a
series of events that compounded citizens problems until
patriots stepped forward and said enough.

The first such event could have been the French and
Indian War which lasted seven years. Then the American
Revenue Act, also known as the Sugar Act, that raised
the tariff on sugar and came with a greater effort to
enforce other tariffs. The Quartering Act forced our
citizens to house British soldiers in their homes and
angered many.

Finally, since the Revenue Act didn’t bring in enough
money a tax stamp was imposed. The parliament passed
the tax in 1765 which led to the formation of the Sons
of Liberty. These and more led to the war.

Today we have high taxes, our freedoms are being taken
away, and the debt is growing while government gets
bigger. When we should be standing together we have been
divided by a government that wants us that way. I don’t
see that changing in my lifetime so I look to nature for

Our founders fought against a corrupt, bloated government
and we get offended over signs and flags.
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3 Responses to What happened?

  1. QC Ghost says:

    The rainbow flag annoys the hell out of me, but does anyone care about my trauma, NO…

  2. cruisin2 says:

    we’ll be annoyed with you.

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