Whimsical Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, it’s supposed to storm, and you can
feel the rain in the air. So we went out and snapped a
few more pictures to share.

A little black squirrel was running around like he had
lost his house keys. We aren’t sure what he was looking
for, but shortly after we took a few pictures he took
off. Any pictures posted on the blog can be enlarged by
clicking on them.

3-30 003

Because we’re getting closer to summer the flowers
made another appearance after a frost. So we picked our
favorite of the pics we took and here it is.

3-30 007

Some may think I’m obsessed with church steeples but
since we have five churches within a five block radius,
we’ll use what we have to work with. This one shows the
storm clouds moving in and the trees starting to bud
out. Won’t be long and only the top of the steeple will
be visible.

3-30 009

And just because I’m getting garage fever, here is a
picture of different kind of car. For those who wish to
know this is a 1953 Gaitan Auto-Tri Huevo. No, I won’t
repeat that.

'53 Gaitan Auto-Tri Huevo

Locally we are up to almost 50 confirmed shots fired
calls since the year began. In the newest incident eight
people were arrested after a car chase. Many have their
opinions on how to fix this problem but we are not in
this group. We just know it’s getting crazy.

If you’re getting rain, stay dry. If you’re having a
heat wave, stay cool. And if you’re having a cold snap,
keep warm.
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