Weekend ramble

3-25 005

I was waiting for my friend to show up and lost track of
time. Usually the man in the moon shows up around 9
0’clock this time of year but he was stubborn and didn’t
show up until after 10.

By then it was in the 40s again so a jacket was needed
for any long discussion. He informed me that my favorite
neighbor, the one who likes to call me crazy, saw me out
doing my snow dance during the recent snow. And she
thought I was crazy but it was too cold out to tell me
to my face. I don’t doubt it.

A old friend stopped over earlier and we had a nice chat.
We talked of everything from hot sauce to fine art. I
even showed him a truck that was for sale with the help
of my laptop. I don’t think he believed me when I told
him it had fender skirts front and back, but when he
looked at the picture he liked it too.

And it looks like we’re in for a flood here on the
east coast of Iowa and it should impact us next week.
Projections are running about 2 foot over flood stage
and it will cause some road closures.

Sunday is Easter and we wish you a happy Easter. If you
don’t celebrate have a happy end to the weekend anyway.
I would ramble on but must search for a pizza with my
name on it as I forgot lunch again.
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