Just a thought

Before we begin today we’d like to remind you to wear a
black arm band, or just something black, to honor our
veterans with PTSD tomorrow. And now, on to our thought.


I went over to visit with Dad this morning but before
I even made it to the house I noticed this bird
looking at his flag. The bird was staring intently
at the flag and didn’t flinch when I walked up
to the house. Funny thing is, when I left the bird
hadn’t moved.


Along the same lines, as I cruised around town I
couldn’t help but notice how solemn other motorists
looked as they drove to wherever they were headed. If I
had to venture a guess they all must have had a
Colonoscopy scheduled.

I had the window down while grinning ear to ear and
these sad sacks looked at me like I was crazy? Unless
they all just came from a funeral it would appear they
have a problem.

Yes, I know I’ll be 65 years old in a couple weeks, but
does that mean I’m not allowed to smile? Or that when I
am smiling I’m up to something? I think not. We have to
grow older but we don’t have to grow up! So just do what
I do and run around with a goofy grin on your face all
day. If nothing else you’ll have them wondering whats so

With what time I have left here on earth I’m going to
notice a bird looking at a flag, listen to the wildlife,
and smell the roses. If that makes me crazy then lock me
up and call me Sally.
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