Of chores, pizza, coffins, and spring

Another day is done and darkness has fallen over our
little part of the east coast of Iowa. It was a day
filled with sunshine, the errands to run, one more
light fixture to fix, and the sighting of an eagle
circling high above.

When all was done I even got a store bought pizza
from a little place that used to be a Dairy Queen. The
wife and I decided on a large garden pizza with lots
of meat. It had to be healthier than what I normally

At some point while cruising the information highway,
I came across an ad from January, 14, 1844, extolling
the merits of the “Life-Preserving” coffin. Perhaps a
little morbid. I was amazed to find a version of these
are still for sale, though no doubt modernized.


Mom used to tell us about people buried before embalming
became popular that would “wake” up in a casket. That
would make a great Gothic novel. If you would like to see
the ad full sized, go here.

On a more pleasant note, while we were out and about
we noticed green is making a reappearance on our local
landscape. Spring begins tomorrow so it’s nice to see
some new beginnings. Enjoy the first day of spring.
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2 Responses to Of chores, pizza, coffins, and spring

  1. Tulika B. says:

    Very interesting!

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Tulika B.,

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