Getting there


Well our news isn’t as strange as the headline above
but we think its different. I awoke to the house being
a balmy 62 degrees inside and it has been dropping
ever since.

The good news is the people are here to put in a new
furnace and central air. So by the time I wake the
wife up tonight our house should be back to a toasty
68 degrees. The guys are doing their thing and I am
purposely leaving them alone so they do so.

We never could understand the energy rating on the
furnaces because growing up we had a coal fired furnace
and it seemed efficient and had plenty of energy as long
as we kept feeding it coal. Of course we also had a
coal bin, coal dust, and had to constantly removal the
ashes and cinders.

But even that was ok because the cinders could be
put on the walks in the winter. Now we’re told that
this new furnace is over 95% energy efficient. I still
can’t grasp how anything that burns fossil fuel can
be that good, but we’ll see.

At any rate we have the cat back from the vet, we
will have heat later today, and we haven’t seen a
young lady wearing zombie contact lenses dressed as a
pig driving drunk. Life is good.
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2 Responses to Getting there

  1. Mamabear says:

    Hope you’re nice and warm with your new furnace. You brought back memories from long ago of the coal furnace~the smell, the warmth and the uses of the cinders~simple times! Hoping the cat isn’t to mad at ya and is curled up and recovering.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    the new furnace is working great and the cat is getting over it. Times were simpler back then. I remember the humidifier was a pan
    we kept full of water. I don’t miss the clean up though.

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