Lucked out

It was a busy day right up until the sky went from
blue to black. High winds and clouds like these are
not conducive to outside work.


So we got the truck unloaded and I headed home before
severe weather hit. When I got to the gate to leave
it looked like this.


I was only home a short time when the lightning
flashed and the thunder rolled so loud it bruised the
sky. Said sky opened up to let the rain fall like
water from a faucet. Fast and cold.

The wife’s cat decided my lap was the perfect spot
for a long nap, and since she is not feeling well, I
let her. I have no idea who won the primaries, didn’t
keep up with the internet, and didn’t hear talk radio.
Yet the funny thing is, I didn’t miss them until I
got back home.

The bad weather has gone somewhere else to rattle
someone else s cage, we hope it isn’t you. And now that
supper is done and I have caught my breath a hunt for
a wild pizza is in order. We’ll let you know how that
works for us.
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3 Responses to Lucked out

  1. Mamabear says:

    That’s an angry sky! Glad you got truck unloaded and didn’t get wet in the process. Nice to lend your lap to the cat for a nap 🙂 idk if your weather is coming my way, but the forecast for today is rain and wind gusts up to 30 mph so it might be from you. Fri-Mon they’re calling for snow/rain and temps in the low 40s for a high and the overnight lows to be in the 20s, think winter is coming back for a short visit. Hope you found that wild pizza and hope it was tasty. Hope your day is perfect.

  2. Those clouds look like “danger close!”

  3. cruisin2 says:

    the storm is part of a big one but this one was heading northeast. A town about 20 miles from us had a tornado touch down, but we just
    a light and sound show with heavy rain. The pizza was so good I had an ice cream sandwich with it. Be safe.

    Opinionated Man,
    the clouds moved in so fast and looked so angry I was glad when we got done and I made it home.

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