Pi day

3-11 002

As another day is about end to end for me and start
for the wife. I remembered it is National Pi Day. Yes,
that magic number I hated in high school algebra now
has its own day. So we decided to see if anything
else happened on this date.

On this date in 1489 the Queen of Cypris sold the
kingdom to Venice.

Eli Whitney was given a patent for his cotton gin on
this date in 1794.

The Gold Standard Act was ratified on this date in
1900 which placed U.S. currency on the gold standard.

In 1910 near Bakersfield, California the Lakeview
Gusher vented. It was the largest oil well gusher in
the U.S.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 80 was
adopted on this date in 1950.

A jury in Dallas found Jack Ruby guilty of killing
Lee Harvey Oswald on this date in 1964.

On this date in 1995 Norman Thagard became the first
U.S. astronaut to journey into space aboard a Russian
launch vehicle.

Some people born on this date include

Lucy Hobbs Taylor, U.S. dentist and educator in 1833.

Casey Jones, U.S. engineer in 1863.

Albert Einstein, German/American physicist in 1879.

Les Brown, American band leader was born on this day
in 1912.

Lee Petty, American stock car racer and founder of
Petty Enterprises was born on this date in 1915.

In 1920, Hank Ketcham cartoonist and creator of
Dennis the Menace was born.

And Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice
Cream was born March 14, 1951.

We’ll end by saying this is the 73rd day of year and
we only have 292 more days until next year. Regardless
of what you call it enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.
Comments are always welcome.


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