First day


The sun has set here on the first day of Daylight
Saving Time and we’re wrapping things up to hit the
rack and catch a few hours sleep. While the big talk
around here is the car that hit a neighbor’s house
we’d like to touch on another subject.

We noticed that once again the talking heads gave
their opinions of the “protest” in Chicago instead of
reporting the news. In their videos you can clearly see
the rioters blocking off a major intersection.

As Americans we have the right to peacefully assemble
and protest. This does not include blocking roads or
not letting ambulances pass. When you cross a line
between peacefully, and legally assembling and then
start encroaching on the rights of others you have
lost your rights as a protester.

It seems since Obama was first elected this type of
behavior is being condoned by the administration. Up
to and including desecrating our flag. We need to
bring personal responsibility back and quit playing
the blame game.

The fault lays not with me that people have to
protest for money to make ends meet. White people are
not to blame for the woes of the black people. Instead
of reparation for acts done in the distant past, if
you want money get a job.

We could go on but believe you see our point. I’m
getting a little testy and I need a pizza. Enjoy
what’s left of the first full day of Daylight Saving
Time and the rest of our lives.
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2 Responses to First day

  1. Mamabear says:

    God bless all the K9 Veteran’s and the United States of America~may we return to the great nation we once were come January 2017.

    Enjoy your pizza and get a good night’s sleep.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    we hope things turn around next year also.

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